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2021 Board Meetings

Please note these have changed from bi-monthly meetings to quarterly meetings.

22 January 9.30am – 11.30pm (via Microsoft Teams)

23 April 9.30am – 12.30pm

16 July 9.30am – 12.30pm

22 October 9.30am – 12.30pm


4. Draft minutes of 16 July 2021 Board meeting & actions arising

6. Chief Executive’s Report

6a) appendix for approval of SIP terms of reference

6b) appendix for noting Productivity Strategy Delivery update

7. Inclusive Growth

8. Digital Investment Programme (commercially confidential) 

9. Performance Reports

9i) annex A – Delivery Activity Report

9i) annex B – Objectives & Key Results Dashboard

9i) annex C – Objectives & Key Results Amber Report

9ii) Build Back Better

9iii) Strategic Investment Panel verbal update (commercially confidentail) 

9iii) annex A – North Devon Enterprise Centre Getting Building Fund Cover Paper (commercially confidential) 

9iii) annex B – North Devon Enterprise Centre Business Case Appraisal (commercially confidential) 

9iv) Finance Report month 5 (all commercially confidential)

9iv) annex A – Financial position as of 31 August 2021

9iv) annex B – Financial dashboard

9iv) annex C – Going Concern

10. ESIF update plus appendices (all commercially confidential) 

10 a) ESF

10 b) EAFRD

10  c) ERDF

11. Papers for noting


4. Draft minutes of 23 April 2021 Board meeting & actions arising

Draft minutes of 16 July 2021 Board meeting & actions arising (to be approved at 22 October 2021 Board meeting) 

6. Accounts and funding information (all commercially confidential)

a) Annual Financial statement

b) HotSW LEP CIC accounts 2020/2021

c) Funding Streams paper

d) Growth Deal Fund

e) Getting Building Fund

f) Growing Places Fund

Presentation on the CBI Regional Economic Scorecard for info:-

7. Chief Executive’s update

Appendix A Briefing on Agriculture (Summer 2021)

8. Digital Extension Programme

+ project appraisal (commercially confidential) 

9. Results of Board Effectiveness Review

10. Standing item – Build Back Better update

11. Standing item reports from LEP Subgroups

a) Innovation Board update

b) Skills Advisory Panel (People) update

c) Infrastructure & Place update

d) Business Environment update

e) Strategic Investment Panel update verbal (commercially confidential)

f) Finance & Resources (all commercially confidential)

  • Cover paper for month 2 forecasted position
  • Dashboard for month 2 forecasted position
  • Financial position as at 30/6/2021

12. ESIF update plus appendices (all commercially confidential)

a) ESF



13. Papers for noting

LEP Comms & Media report

LEP Board Directors & Alternates Register

LEP Endorsement Register

LEP Consultation Register

Skills Advisory Panel meeting notes from 24 May meeting

Infrastructure & Place meeting notes from 20 April meeting

Business Environment meeting notes from 21 April meeting


3. Draft minutes of 22 January Board meeting & actions arising

Draft minutes of 23 April Board meeting & actions arising (to be approved at 16 July Board meeting) 

5. Chief Executive’s update

5.1 Appendix 1 – LEP Network ToR

6a) Blueprint for Clean Growth cover Board paper

6b) Blueprint for Clean Growth

7. Digital Strategy & Activity update (presentation to follow)

8a) Workplan Board paper

8b) Draft Workplan

9a) Innovation  Board

9b) Skills Advisory Panel (People) update

9c) Infrastructure & Place update

9d) Business Environment update

9e) Strategic Investment Panel verbal update (commercially confidential)

9f) appendix i – Financial paper for dashboard (commercially confidential) 

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9f) appendix iii – Financial position as of 28 February 2021 (commercially confidential) 

10. ESIF update (commercially confidential)

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LEP Comms & Media Report 

LEP Board Directors & Alternates Register

LEP Board Endorsement Register

LEP Board Consultation Register

Skills Advisory Panel meeting notes from 21 January 2021

Infrastructure & Place meeting notes from 11 February 2021

Business Environment meeting notes from 20 January 2021


2020 Board Meetings


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3. Draft minutes of 17 July 2020 Board meeting & actions arising

Draft minutes of 18 Sept Board meeting & actions arising (to be approved at 27 November LEP Board meeting)

5. Chief Executive’s Report

6. Reports from LEP Sub-groups

6a. Innovation Board update

6b. Skills Advisory Panel update

6b. appendix i) Skills Dashboard

6c. Infrastructure & Place update

6c. appendix i) Place workstream appendix

6c. appendix ii) Place OKRs

6d. Business Environment update

6d.appendix   i) Current Business Support Landscape

6e. Strategic Investment Panel update – verbal  (commercially confidential)  

6f. Finance & Resources update  (commercially confidential)  

6f. appendix i) Financial position as at 31 August 2020 (commercially confidential)  

6f. appendix ii) Finance Dashboard (commercially confidential)

7. ESIF update  (commercially confidential)

7a) ESF appendix  (commercially confidential)

7b) EAFRD appendix  (commercially confidential)

7c) ERDF appendix  (commercially confidential)  

8. Response to CSR 2020

9. Proposal for Board Recruitment

9. appendix i) Draft Director Recruitment pack

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LEP Chair’s Activity Report

LEP Comms Report

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LEP Board Directors & Alternates Register

LEP Endorsement Register

LEP Consultation Register

Skills Advisory Panel meeting notes none, meeting 17 Sept 2020

Infrastructure & Place meeting notes, 2 July 2020

Business Environment meeting notes, 3 July 2020



3.  Draft minutes of 22 November 2019 Board meeting & actions arising

Final minutes of 24 January 2020 Board meeting approved at 15 May 2020 Board meeting  

5.1  Board Effectiveness Review

6.  Chief Executive’s Report

6.1  Briefing note Devolution  

7.1  Quarterly Business Review

7.2 ESIF update (commercially confidential)

7.2 ERDF Dashboard (commercially confidential)

7.2 EAFRD Dashboard (commercially confidential)

7.2 ESF Dashboard (commercially confidential)

Papers for noting all agenda item 8

8.  Chair’s Activity Report

8.  LEP Board Directors & Alternates Register

Please note it is the Chair’s intention to move to quarterly Board meetings with some of the original dates below used for in-depth workshops looking at a particular sector called ‘Immersion sessions’ – the first of which will be on 20 March and will focus on Tourism.

NB The Board meeting on 20 March 2020 was cancelled due to the Corona Virus pandemic and imminent lock down and future board meetings will take place via microsoft teams audio/video teleconferencing until further notice.

2019 Board Meetings


3. Draft minutes of 13 September 2019 Board meeting and actions arising

5. Chief Executive’s Report

6.1 Prospective asks/offers for incoming Government: UK Shared Prosperity Fund (or equivalent) plus others (commercially confidential)

6.2 Cover paper for Annual Impact Report

6.2 Annual Impact Report

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6.4 Prospective Pipeline (commercially confidential)

7. Papers for noting (all agenda item 7)

Chairman’s activity Report

LEP Board Directors & Alternates Register

LEP Endorsement Register

LEP Consultation Register



3. Draft minutes of 17 May 2019 LEP Board meeting

3. Final minutes of 23 July 2019 LEP Board meeting agreed at 13 Sept 2019 Board meeting

5. Chief Executive’s Report

6.1 LIS covering paper

6.1 LIS working draft

6.2 Initial project pipeline paper (commercially confidential)

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6.3 ESIF update (commercially confidential)

Papers for noting all agenda item 7

Comms & Media Monitoring

Chairman’s Activity Report

LEP Board Directors & Alternates Register

LEP Board Endorsement Register

LEP Board Consultation Register

2018 Board Meetings

Papers for noting (all agenda item 6)

Papers for noting (all agenda item 7)

Paper for noting (all agenda item 6)


2017 Board Meetings


2016 Board Meetings


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John Osman, Leader of Somerset County Council, presented on the progress and opportunities of the Devolution process, and the board confirmed their continued support for beginning negotiations with government on this matter. Devolution is an important issue for our area and the Local Authorities are leading on this work, with support from the LEP, its private sector board members and other partners.

Over the coming months the LEP will be leading on the development of a Productivity Plan for the HotSW area, and this work will contribute and align to the ongoing work around Devolution.

The continued importance of cross-LEP working was reiterated by the board, for example the good work that south west LEPs have been doing around the energy and transport agendas, and in particular the significant progress with our support for industrial clusters across the region, including Nuclear South West; iAero (regional aerospace partnership) and South Coast Marine.

The other major item for discussion was the next round of Growth Deal funding. Government has made available a further £1.8bn of funding for LEPs to bid for. The process will be highly competitive, even more so than in previous rounds, and so the Board discussed how we ought to approach our bid, agreeing to focus on strongly on raising productivity. We will be required to bid for a specific amount of money for our area, and so our three Leadership Groups and the Local Transport Board have been gathering in information about projects requiring funding, to inform our bid. Our long pipeline of projects seeking investment will be used in the bid, to demonstrate Ato Government that we have no shortage of investment opportunities in the Heart of the South West. It is important to remind those who may have a project, but haven’t managed to submit it to the leadership groups over the past few months: Don’t worry, we will be re-opening our pipeline to new projects in the Autumn, when we anticipate we will find out how much funding we have been awarded..

The board welcomed HotSW being selected as one of the first areas in the UK to be part of the Science and Innovation Audit, as part of consortium representing South West England and part of South Wales, alongside our region’s universities. This will help focus the government on HotSW’s needs and opportunities for growth in the research-intensive sectors of our economy.

The complexity of the present situation regarding the ESIF programmes was explained. This programme is not managed by the LEP but by Government Departments (DCLG, DWP and Defra) with whom the LEP works closely to try and get the best outcome it can for the area. In total, over £40m of calls have been announced in HotSW and the LEP is looking forward to the first funding agreements being signed off by Government Departments.

The board noted the importance of the ESIF strategy in the delivery of the Strategic Economic Plan and is committed to maximising awareness, take-up and impact of ESIF funds in the Heart of the South West.


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Following recent media speculation around Hinkley Point C, members of the Board were keen that the LEP emphasises the importance of Hinkley to the national energy security of the future and agreed to step up communications with the major influencers.

The board is agreed that the nuclear sector in the HotSW area is a LEP priority and is wider than Hinkley and EDF alone, and these messages are to be conveyed through supply chain activity and the development of the Nuclear South West cluster.

The prospected potential of Hinkley Point C and the plans for the Nuclear South West Cluster legacy were outlined in a presentation to be published soon.

The board also agreed that another key issue to campaign for is the improved connectivity for the Heart of the South West in terms of road, rail, broadband and the capacity of the electricity grid.
The LEP will continue to support the Peninsula Rail Task Force in its activity to achieve investment in transport infrastructure projects and will work with utility and communications providers to improve connectivity in energy and internet speeds.

Issues concerning the timings of opt-in arrangements and revised levels of funding for the European Structural Investment Fund have reached a critical point affecting the LEP’s ability to deliver its ESIF strategy and the wider Strategic Economic Plan. Therefore the board agreed to work closely with the LEP Leadership groups to form an action plan to present to the Department of Work and Pensions to provide solutions to the current situation and improve governance to prevent such issues arising again.

The prospect of a “Growth Deal 3” being announced was discussed, and since the meeting there have been further announcements, outlined in more detail in the March newsletter.

Members of the board expressed the need for truly transformational projects with a “bottom up meets top down” approach combining HotSW wide strategy with local expertise.

A summary of the current Devolution process concluded that detail and justification to underpin the bid was still needed and some expressed the view that further business consultation was still required.

Decisions on what form of governance a HotSW Devolution Deal would take are still up for discussion and it is speculated that a Mayoral system may leverage extra funding as it appears to be the government’s preferred model.

The board was informed that Affordable Housing is included within the themes of Devolution following the report on Housing that was presented to the November Board meeting. The latest on Devolution in the Heart of the South West, including the prospectus, is available here

Declarations of interest:

Serco via Peninsula Enterprise delivering Growth Hub “Service for All” and is providing the Get Up To Speed service for Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS). Serco has an interest in some of the current and future ESIF calls.

Pluss organisation has an interest in Big Lottery Funding and future ESIF funding.

Devon Community Foundation is involved in a number of partnership bids for Big Lottery Funding and future ESIF funding.

Yeovil College has an interest in Growth Deal, HPTA bid and interest in the Career College.

Agusta Westland has an interest in future ERDF funding.

Torbay Council has an interest in ERDF Business support programmes.

Midas is bidding for work at South Yard in Plymouth (which is funded by the LEP) but not personally involved.

A board member’s brother is on the board of the National Infrastructure Commission.


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Please note there is no summary of the Board minutes this month.


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2015 Board Meetings


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The LEP Finance and resources committee will report to the board on the potential use of Growing Places Funds to attract new investment, and will consider a proposal from the board to fund further research to support the economic case for the Peninsula Rail Task Force campaigns.

The board discussed the implications on the LEP had the funding for Growth Deal 2 not been confirmed, and agreed in all events to increase the momentum in engaging local MPs to use their influence in government to focus on the Heart of the South West. The LEP is working to align the profiling of expenditure on Growth Deal projects.

The board was briefed on the issue that the Department of Work and Pensions’ inflexibility surrounding the details of ESIF funding and the LEP continues to seek influence.

Patrick Flaherty, Chief Executive of Somerset County Council, outlined the current proposal and timelines for a Devolution Deal and the outstanding issues around governance. Feedback from business indicates that they are not very concerned about governance but are in favour of regional decision making, more funding for skills and have a desire to push a vision for growth. Board members believe that the deal needs to ask for something bold, ambitious and innovative, and that LEP and Business involvement needs to be ramped up to ensure the final document portrays a passion for innovation and transformation.

Increased pressure on government is taking place to mitigate the delays, bureaucracy and revised funding allocations and outputs within the ESIF strategy.

Findings of the LEP Annual Review were outlined, which will shape the business plan, measuring performance against the Strategic Economic Plan, resulting in a single improvement plan to be reviewed by the Finance and Resources group

The Place Leadership group chair gave a presentation on the recent report from the Housing Task and Finish Group which aims to address barriers and solutions to the provision of housing. The board discussed the ideas presented in the report and its implications on partner funding and the areas’ Local Plans’.

It was noted that much of this paper is relevant to Devolution in terms of offering a local solution, and it was suggested that rural villages and small towns had a role to play in addressing housing shortages which would also benefit the viability of small communities.

In conclusion the Chair deferred the paper for further work and discussion with Local Authority planning managers and input from local house builders prior to the housing agenda being incorporated into the Devolution Deal.

The roles of the Leadership Groups and their terms of reference are being explored with a view to improving the synergy and lines of communication and decision making throughout the LEP and its partners.


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HotSW LEP formally welcomed its two newly appointed non-executive directors at its September Board meeting on Wednesday 16 September: Martha Wilkinson and Martin Brown. The two new members were recruited as part of a HotSW wide advertisement asking for a strong entrepreneurial background, with the skills to help take forward the LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan.

Martha Wilkinson and Martin Brown bring new and diverse experience to the LEP Board; Martha is Chief Executive of Devon Community Foundation, which tackles disadvantage and deprivation across the HotSW area; and Martin has a background in software and high-technology businesses at a senior level.

Other news from the Board includes their desire to increase momentum to keep up the pressure on the Government and the Department of Business Innovation and Skills to progress with Growth Deal funding and commit to investment in the HotSW area, including the key actions on connectivity already articulated through the Peninsula Rail Task Force. HotSW LEP awaits the decision on its submission for a further cross-LEP Enterprise Zone, building on the recently announced Zone in Plymouth, which the board gave its support to.

The Devolution Statement of Intent which was sent to government last month, and signed by all HotSW LEP local authority partners, was discussed at length and hailed as the start of a long journey towards increased local powers, rather than a blueprint for Devolution at this stage. The partners will work together with a view to develop the area’s firm proposal, and the LEP will play an active role in helping to develop this.

A clear direction from the Board is for the LEP to gather a strong evidence base of business needs and skills and labour requirements from the private sector; all LEP business directors would be actively involved and the LEP Board members in the further and higher education sectors offered to help build the links between business and education and training providers.


The July Board discussed the government’s plans for devolution and agreed that the LEP would support the local authorities in such capacity that they decide upon to progress this agenda and maximise any increased opportunities for funding that may be presented. Particular emphasis came from the private sector to continue to support the area to attract investment, and the business board members were all keen to continue helping local authorities.

A range of future funding opportunities were discussed and the board members reviewed a number of our strategic priorities. The board also discussed enhancing productivity and access to finance to unlock barriers; Local Innovation Audits and a possible approach to address a projected labour shortage by helping people get off health related benefits.

HotSW Inward Investment manager presented the results of the City Deal funded Investor Growth and Soft Landings packages which, respectively, secured 85 high value jobs and £3m investment; and 13 foreign direct investments creating 340 new jobs and safeguarding 338. The Board supported the proposal to seek extra resources now that City Deal funding has ended, to continue similar projects to attract inward and local investment into the area.. The board offered to enhance their role as ambassadors for the area and asked for increased levels of information and support in doing so.

The Enterprise Zone presentation from the Business and Place Leadership Groups was well received and the board will consider the benefits of potential zones and following advice from BIS will put forward a proposal in addition to our existing zone in Plymouth South Yard.

A letter of support for the extension of Heathrow Airport is to be sent from the Board, with additional asks for related connectivity to the south west.


The Board were updated that now that the new government has been formed, the LEP is stepping up its activity to secure the necessary support for projects in the HotSW area that directly align with the government’s aims to increase the productivity of UK plc. This is the time to deliver transformational growth and it’s the task of the LEP, with our key partners, to ensure the HotSW voice is heard.

Management team and leadership groups were asked to define their achievements to the strategy by showing outputs against the Strategic Priorities in a Nutshell, which is the summary of the aims of the Heart of the South West Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) and can be viewed here. This will help to illustrate the success of the achievements and give confidence to partners that HotSW LEP is on track for delivery.

The Board welcomed the paper tabled by the CBI in its asks to government, which aligns to much of the SEP in its aims to create the right conditions to enable growth.

At the time of the meeting there were two vacancies for non-executive board members, and applications are currently being assessed. Vaughan Lindsey, who has left the Board to take up a position in London, was thanked for his contribution to HotSW LEP since its inception.

Future 2021 Board Meetings

22 October 9.30am – 12.30pm