Growth Deal 3 Prioritisation – October 2016

Heart of the south west LEP - Growth Deal 3 Prioritisation – October 2016

The three Leadership Groups, People, Place and Business, and the Local Transport Board, have been leading on the prioritisation work for Growth Deal 3. They have recently been asked “if the exercise was to be repeated again now, would anything change in your ranking?” and this is still based on the original assessment criteria.

The factor most likely to have changed in the last few months that would affect this exercise is the criterion “Ability to deliver projects in the 2017-2021 timeframe” and this is being carefully considered in this final refresh.

The results will go to the November LEP Board for final sign off, with the usual caveat that whilst we will have a local prioritised list there is still the possibility that Government may want to “cherry-pick” certain projects.

As timescales are so much shorter than expected for Growth Deal 3 with an announcement of a list of projects expected in the Autumn Statement, it does unfortunately mean that the LEP is not be able to consider new projects this time round.

However, ideas for prospective projects can still be submitted to the LEP’s project bank for consideration under future awards for funding.

Read the full Growth Deal 3 bid document here see the news story issued in July 2016 about the Growth Deal 3 bid here.