HotSW LEP aims to offer transparency and accountability showing the full extent of its funding programme. The links below set out details of the projects that have received funding via the Heart of the South West LEP investment programmes.

The links include details of grants/loans in relation to the Growth Deals(GD)/Local Growth Fund(LGF), the Growing Places Fund(GPF), the Rural Enterprise Grant(REG) and the Rural Growth Network(RGN).

A number of these projects span several years; the figures refer to the total project award.

Somerset County Council acts as the accountable body for the LEP’s core revenue funding and the Growth Deal /Local Growth Fund. Devon County Council is the accountable body for the Growing Places Fund, Regional Enterprise Grant  and Regional Growth Network.

Funding Allocations

This table was last updated on 30th November 2020.

RefProject nameLeadProgrammeStart dateFunding offer
( £m)
GB01Torquay GatewayTbcGBF  TbcTbc
GB02Concourse Phase 2TbcGBFTbcTbc
GB03Firepool and Taunton Station AccessTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB04Ilfracombe Watersports CentreTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB05Burrows CentreTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB06Exeter Bus StationTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB07Enhancement of Future Skills CentreTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB08Taunton Digital Innovation CentreTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB09Welding Centres of ExcellenceTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB10Exeter Science Park Grow-out buildingTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB11Zebcat 2TbcGBFTbcTbc
GB12Smarter CarbonTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB13Green HomesTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB16Torbay Business CentreTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB17Devon Works HubTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB19Plymouth City Business ParkTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB20Centre for Clean MobilityTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB21Health Tech Incubation HubTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB22Smart BiosphereTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB23Plymouth Sound National Marine ParkTbcGBFTbcTbc
GB24Unlocking East Quay WatchetTbcGBFTbcTbc


This table was last updated on 30th November 2020.

Project nameLeadProgrammeStart dateFunding
( £m)
( £m Match)
DC Homes, BridgwaterDC HomesGPF (loan)Apr 20154.5003.0007.500
Science Park, ExeterExeter Science Park LtdGPF (loan)Jan 20134.5003.4507.950
Millfields, PlymouthMillfieldsGPF (loan)Nov 20132.1003.0205.120
Ocean StudiosPlymouth Ocean StudiosGPF (loan)Apr 20140.8003.3004.100
Concise HomesBridgwater Concise HomesGPF (loan)Oct 20131.43615.00016.436
BDUK Extension (CDS)Somerset County CouncilGPF (grant)2020/214.20016.20020.400

This table was last updated on 30th November 2020.

RefProject nameLeadProgrammeStart dateFunding offer
( £m)
GD01Yeovil Western Corridor capacity upgradeSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD1)05/01/175.674
GD02Torbay Western CorridorTorbay CouncilLGF (GD1)01/06/169.000
GD03Bridge Road, ExeterDevon County CouncilLGF (GD1)07/07/145.300
GD04Derriford Transport SchemePlymouth City CouncilLGF (GD1)23/02/1610.239
GD05A382 widening, Newton AbbotDevon County CouncilLGF (GD1)01/02/166.500
GD06Torquay GatewayTorbay CouncilLGF (GD1)01/02/161.740
GD07Huntworth Roundabout BridgwaterSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD1)01/09/151.910
GD08A361 Portmore to Landkey Stage 1Devon County CouncilLGF (GD1)01/02/160.790
GD09Derriford Hospital InterchangePlymouth City CouncilLGF (GD1)01/12/151.320
GD10Taunton Rail Station EnhancementsSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD1)01/02/164.600
GD11Torquay town centre accessTorbay CouncilLGF (GD1)01/02/160.293
GD12Roundswell Phase 2, BarnstapleDevon County CouncilLGF (GD1)01/02/161.633
GD13A38 Deep Lane junction, SherfordDevon County CouncilLGF (GD1)01/03/162.000
GD14A379 Newcourt junction, ExeterDevon County CouncilLGF (GD1)01/02/160.818
GD16Marsh Barton, Exeter, New Railway StationDevon County CouncilLGF (GD1)01/10/154.407
GD17Edginswell, TorbayTorbay CouncilLGF (GD1)01/12/154.000
GD18Plymouth Northern Corridor traffic signalsPlymouth City CouncilLGF (GD1)01/09/162.100
GD19Plymouth Eastern Corridor cycle networkPlymouth City CouncilLGF (GD1)06/01/173.420
GD20Plymouth Charles Cross and Exeter RoadPlymouth City CouncilLGF (GD1)01/02/182.100
GD21Bridgwater College Hinkley Skills CapitalBridgwater CollegeLGF (GD1)26/02/165.146
GD22Plymouth College Stem CentreCity College PlymouthLGF (GD1)01/06/155.430
GD23AHinkley HPTA package – BictonCornwall CollegeLGF (GD1)01/02/160.300
GD23BHinkley HPTA package – South DevonSouth Devon CollegeLGF (GD1)01/08/150.213
GD23CHinkley HPTA package – PetrocPetrocLGF (GD1)01/02/160.359
GD23DHinkley HPTA package – Exeter CollegeExeter CollegeLGF (GD1)01/06/162.000
GD23EHinkley HPTA package – National College for NuclearBridgwater CollegeLGF (GD1)01/05/163.000
GD23FHinkley HPTA package – Yeovil CollegeYeovil CollegeLGF (GD1)01/05/160.637
GD24ASomerset Energy Innovation Centre Phase 1bSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD1)27/07/151.343
GD24BSomerset Energy Innovation Centre Phase 2Somerset County CouncilLGF (GD1)14/07/175.157
GD25Exeter Science Park Environmental Futures CampusDevon County CouncilLGF (GD1)01/04/152.499
GD26Somerset College Centre for EngineeringSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD1)01/02/160.596
GD27Plymouth Science Park Phase 5Plymouth City CouncilLGF (GD1)01/06/153.000
GD29Somerset FloodingSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD1)27/07/1513.049
GD30Growth HubSercoLGF (GD2)01/02/161.010
GD31BroadbandSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD2)19/12/166.000
GD32Electronics and Photonics Innovation CentreTorbay County CouncilLGF (GD2)26/07/193.000
GD33Oceansgate/South Yard Phase 1Plymouth City CouncilLGF (GD2)16/03/181.500
GD34AUnlocking Growth Fund – Yeovil Innovation Centre Phase 2South Somerset District CouncilLGF (GD2)15/09/170.441
GD34BUnlocking Growth Fund – HighbridgeSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD2)30/05/170.237
GD34CUnlocking Growth Fund – WiveliscombeSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD2)23/02/180.510
GD34DUnlocking Growth Fund – DevonportReal Ideas OrganisationLGF (GD2)23/02/180.497
GD34EUnlocking Growth Fund – ClaylandsTorbay County CouncilLGF (GD2)17/05/192.040
GD34FUnlocking Growth Fund – CaddsdownTorridge District CouncilLGF (GD2)24/05/190.179
GD34GUnlocking Growth Fund – WellsSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD2)19/01/180.772
GD34HUnlocking Growth Fund – PathfieldsSouth Molton Town CouncilLGF (GD2)20/07/180.222
GD36Exeter Science Park Open Innovation BuildingExeter Science ParkLGF (GD2)21/12/185.500
GD37Exeter Science Park – SPC Phase 2Exeter Science ParkLGF (GD2)18/11/164.499
GD38J25 M5 at HenladeSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD2)26/04/1712.186
GD40Tiverton East Urban ExtensionDevon County CouncilLGF (GD2)19/01/181.194
GD41Somerset Innovation Centre (Phase 3)Somerset County CouncilLGF (GD3)12/06/202.543
GD42ABoosting Mobile ConnectivitySomerset County CouncilLGF (GD3)24/07/201.000
GD42BFurther Education Digital Accelerator ProgrammeDevon County CouncilLGF (GD3)03/07/201.131
GD42C5G Smart Sound, PlymouthPlymouth City CouncilLGF (GD3)03/07/201.800
GD43Youth Construction Skills ProjectDevon Communities TogetherLGF (GD3)23/02/180.574
GD44South Devon College Hi Tech CentreSouth Devon CollegeLGF (GD3)15/09/178.134
GD47Houghton Barton PackageDevon County CouncilLGF (GD3)27/03/202.870
GD48Taunton Toneway Corridor Capacity ImprovementsSomerset County CouncilLGF (GD3)11/10/196.690
GD49Huntspill Energy ParkSedgemoor District CouncilLGF (GD3)01/04/183.940
GD50Plymouth Central Railway StationPlymouth City CouncilLGF (GD3)06/12/194.790
GD51North Devon Innovation Centre RoundswellDevon County CouncilLGF (GD3)17/05/192.150

A monthly highlight report is published with the SIP papers and updated every quarter. This gives a summary of historical and forecast spend by Growth Deal.

The  Micro  Enterprise  Scheme funding programme is closed. Below  is a  list of all the projects supported by this programme:

Project nameLeadProgrammeStart dateFunding
( £ Grant)
( £ Match)
Fibre HarvestFibre HarvestMES8/5/1312,00018,00030,000
Hunters BreweryHunters BreweryMES8/5/1317,33726,00043,337
Hillside FoodsHillside FoodsMES6/6/1328,05442,08070,134
Bluestone TechnologyBluestone TechnologyMES3/7/1310,73416,10126,835
Tarka SpringsTarka SpringsMES3/7/1330,21045,31575,525
Watts DesignWatts DesignMES26/7/1341,22772,181113,408
Virtual Jet CentreVirtual Jet CentreMES26/7/1345,36357,705103,068
Digitel TechnologyDigitel TechnologyMES9/9/1341,000122,324163,324
Sign-Maker- Dot-NetSign-Maker- Dot-NetMES9/9/1334,09751,14685,243
The Wild Beer CoThe Wild Beer CoMES9/9/1359,27688,914148,190
Brown Cow OrganicsBrown Cow OrganicsMES8/10/1347,98271,973119,956
Ludbrook JoineryLudbrook JoineryMES8/10/1315,45223,17838,630
Wedgewood BuildingsWedgewood BuildingsMES8/10/1325,06037,59062,650
Filbert’s Fine FoodsFilbert’s Fine Foods/td>MES4/11/1315,80023,70039,500
Mendip LavenderMendip LavenderMES4/11/1320,28430,42650,711
South West ArchaeologySouth West ArchaeologyMES4/11/1339,40059,10098,500
Woodenways TimberframesWoodenways TimberframesMES4/11/1314,89022,33537,225
Radford’s Fine FudgeRadford’s Fine FudgeMES9/12/1314,40021,60036,000
Annie Martin ArchitectAnnie Martin ArchitectMES10/2/1420,28230,42250,704
Eternal KitchensEternal KitchensMES10/2/1456,42584,637141,062
Cherry Tree PreservesCherry Tree PreservesMES10/2/1449,77195,846145,617
Absolute Museum & GalleryAbsolute Museum & GalleryMES5/3/1433,02249,53482,556
BT Gray’ CiderBT Gray’ CiderMES5/3/1414,76222,14336,906
BOOM SaucesBOOM SaucesMES5/3/1410,72016,08126,801
Hunt’s CiderHunt’s CiderMES5/3/1436,05854,08790,145
Kubla BreweryKubla BreweryMES5/3/1410,53215,79726,329
West Country SpiceWest Country SpiceMES5/3/1428,80043,20072,000
Devon Rim Company LtdDevon Rim Company LtdMES9/5/1434,39450,13884,532

The Rural Growth Networking funding programme is closed. Below  is a  list of all the projects supported by this programme:

Project nameLeadProgrammeStart dateFunding
( £ Grant)
( £ Match)
Bicton CollegeBicton CollegeRGN1/4/13300,000760,0001,060,000
Dartington HallDartington CollegeRGN12/4/13150,000604,810754,810
HolsworthyTorridge DCRGN1/4/13400,0006,000,0006,400,000
OkehamptonDevon County CouncilRGN1/4/13190,0002,267,0002,457,000
Somerset – HighbridgeSomerset County CouncilRGN1/4/13881,587512,9461,394,533
Somerset Units (Minehead & Dulv.)Somerset County CouncilRGN1/4/1334,91365,06499,977
Somerset WorkhubsSomerset County CouncilRGN1/4/1395,7528,018101,518

LEP Costs

Other costs in relation to the LEP, including its operational and contract costs are detailed in Somerset County Council’s Spend over 500 publication and the LEP Operational budget is available here:

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