The A382 is a key route connecting Newton Abbot at Churchill’s Roundabout with the A38 to the west on the Strategic Road Network at Drumbridges roundabout. Teignbridge District Council’s adopted Local Plan 2013-2033 proposes a large amount of development to the west of Newton Abbot.

The Phase 1 scheme will improve access between Newton Abbot and Forches Cross, forming the first phase of a wider corridor improvement scheme to the A382 from Newton Abbot to Drumbridges. The scheme will also complement and maximise the benefits of new and planned infrastructure improvements at Drumbridges and Houghton Barton Avenue respectively.
The objectives of the scheme are to:

  1. Deliver development to the west of Newton Abbot;
  2. Improve journey times to the west of Newton Abbot;
  3. Improve safety on the A382; and
  4. Encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport.


The scheme will support the delivery of 1000 jobs and 1200 dwellings by 2021.

Growth Deal 1 Funding: £6.5m

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