‘Closing the Gap’ – The South West Peninsula strategic rail blueprint

‘Closing the Gap’ is the Peninsula Rail Task Force’s plan for investment into the South West Peninsula’s strategic rail network. The plan was officially launched to Government on 22 November.

The plan defines the Task Force’s ambition of a 21st  century rail network underpinned by three priorities: Resilience and reliability; Faster journey times; Improved connectivity with sufficient capacity.

After carrying out extensive research and study with the rail industry, ‘Closing the Gap’ sets out a long term cascade of improvements needed to close the growing gap between the South West and the rest of the UK in terms of rail funding and improvements. Investment is expected to deliver over £8.4 billion in economic benefits over the next 20 years.

Read ‘Closing the Gap’ – The South West Peninsula strategic rail blueprint  here. The task force has also produced an  appendix  to the report that list in more details outputs from the studies and has additional information to support the recommendations made within ‘Closing the gap’. Visit the website of the Peninsula Rail Task Force for more information: https://peninsularailtaskforce.co.uk/