The Northern Corridor Junction Improvements is a five year programme of schemes to upgrade the traffic signal controlled junctions on the A386 corridor in Plymouth.   The first phase of the five year programme involves three junctions south of the A386 Manadon Interchange.

At the Weston Park Road junction the scheme will realign the northbound approach, removing the ahead movement from the inside lane thus encouraging more efficient flow of traffic to the north.

At the Peverell Park Road junction the scheme involves extension of the northbound A386 right turn lane and minor realignment on the Peverell Park Road approach to encourage more efficient lane usage.

At the Torr Lane junction the scheme includes provision of an additional right turn lane on the Torr Lane approach and provision of a controlled crossing across the left turn from the A386 southbound to Torr Lane.

The Northern Corridor junctions project is one of a number of schemes which will help to provide the conditions for sustainable growth and job creation. The additional capacity will mitigate trips from the proposed development sites in the Derriford area.

The project outputs are to support delivery of 360 jobs, 120 houses and 5,680 sq m commercial floorspace by 2021.

Growth Deal Funding: £2.10m

Total Funding: £3.41m

Started on site: February 2016

Completion: March 2020