Whilst there are no current calls for Growth Deal projects at the moment, the LEP keeps abreast of potential scope for projects in line with our Strategic Economic Plan to generate transformational growth, therefore we are keen to collate information on future project ideas should the appropriate funding opportunity arise.

Businesses, social enterprises, charities and public sector organisations that have a project they wish HotSW LEP to consider for funding, can submit via the template  here to be sent to projects@heartofswlep.co.uk.

Projects must demonstrate how they will deliver economic benefit and align with the  Strategic Economic Plan (SEP)   Please see the guidance note here.

If eligible for funding, projects will enter the Hot SW LEP ‘Project Bank’ until such time as an appropriate funding opportunity comes along, such as Growth Deal, at which time the project will be considered in a prioritisation exercise to develop the LEP’s project pipeline. This is to ensure that all potential projects in the HotSW area can be considered on their individual merits in line with different sets of criteria in each funding stream.

Some organisations, both public and private sector, choose to seek  LEP endorsement  for their projects to demonstrate an added value in their proposal being in line with the  Strategic Economic Plan  and therefore more economically viable.

Heart of the south west LEP - LEP Project Bank