The Torquay Town Centre Access scheme consists of alterations to the highway network to provide more direct vehicle access into Torquay Town Centre.

The highway alterations include reversing traffic flow, improving junctions, and ensuring pedestrian and cycle priority is enhanced, and will improve the accessibility of the Town Centre, connecting the principal access to Torbay (A380) with the centre of Torquay in an efficient and effective manner. It will improve journey times and trip reliability between Torre Station and Castle Circus including public transport.

It will also provide for improved public transport access. This would result in a better-quality ‘entrance’ to the town, through the shopping district of Torre, also involving review of the existing signing and lining which currently is visually poor and of poor quality in terms of appearance and actual information provision.

The scheme promotes economic development by improving access to existing commercial and retail

heart of Torquay.


600 jobs created/safeguarded by 2021.
600 houses to be started by 2020/21.

Growth Deal 1 Funding: £0.40m

Total Funding: £0.52m

Started on site: February 2016

Completion: March 2018