The scheme provides capacity improvements on the section of the A3022 (to the west of Paignton) from Churscombe Cross in the north to Windy Corner in the south. The scheme includes:

• Road widening with additional lanes, creating 2 lane dual carriageway where possible, increasing

• Junction capacity, provision for off road cycling, enhanced pedestrian route, and new landscaping.

The project is made up of six related improvements along the route:

• Widening of A3022 Brixham Road between Claylands Cross and Roselands Drive, through the  Yalberton Road junction. This will link the junction improvements already completed at  Claylands Cross and Roselands Drive.   It will provide a two lane dual carriageway in both directions, removing short ‘merge’ bottleneck sections between these junctions.

• Widening of A3022 Brixham Road between Roselands Drive and Long Road. This connects the junction improvements at Roselands Drive with those at Long Road and Kingsway Avenue.  This will continue the duelling from the section above, again removing single lane bottlenecks in each direction.

• Widening of A380 Kings Ash Road between Tweenaway Cross and Waterleat Road. This forms an extension of the Tweenaway Cross improvement already completed in the northerly direction.

• Widening of A380 Kings Ash Hill between Churscombe Cross and Spruce Way (Great Parks).This would consist of two lanes north bound and alterations to the existing Churscombe Cross junction.

• Alterations to A3022/A379 Junction ‘Windy Corner’.

• Pedestrian and Cycle enhancement along the route.

Growth Deal funding: £8.25m

Started on site: December 2015

End date: March 2019