Plymouth Charles Cross Growth Deal Project

Charles Cross roundabout is a significant junction within Plymouth City Centre. It is a key node on the Inner Ring road, linking to the A374 Eastern Corridor route, which is the focus of major growth including the new community of Sherford. The majority of bus services in the city centre also travel through Charles Cross. The improvement scheme will focus on increasing the capacity of the junction, to address current issues of congestion which are forecast to get significantly worse following the planned growth in housing and employment.

At the centre of the roundabout is Charles Church, which was subjected to bombing during World War 2 and the remaining shell is now maintained as a memorial. The congestion contributes to a poor pedestrian and cycle environment throughout the Charles Cross area but also provides a poor setting for this memorial. There is therefore also the intention to provide high quality public realm as part of the scheme.

The scheme comprises the following elements:-

Relocation of bus stops – The existing bus stops will be moved to the confluence of Charles Street and the Viaduct on the roundabout. This will create additional capacity on Charles Street for through traffic and that accessing the car park.

Revision of bus priority facilities – This will release more capacity at the junction whilst ensuring buses have priority where needed.

Widening of Charles St southbound to create an additional lane – This will provide additional vehicle capacity through the pedestrian crossing and onto the roundabout, allowing a re-distribution of traffic at the stop lines.

New pedestrian crossing – A new two-stage crossing between Tavistock Place and the Jigsaw Garden will be more convenient and could improve journey times for both pedestrians and traffic. This will serve the new History Centre and improve its connections to the town centre and shopping facilities.

Through these elements the Charles Cross scheme will provide journey time savings for general traffic and buses, with improved service reliability for buses. Opportunities will be taken throughout to enhance the public realm and improve the provision for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Start on site: February 2019

Completion: July 2020

Growth Deal funding: £2.10m