The project will construct a three-storey 1,275m2 (GIA) Grow-out Building (GOB) which will provide:

  • Innovative, flexible floorplates;
  • A proposed 11 units of accommodation (6 x 50m2-70m2 and 5 a100m2-1150m2)
  • A combination of office, production, lab and meeting space in response to business needs.

The Grow-Out Building will form part of a growing continuum of ESPL’s workspace provision allowing innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) businesses to be attracted, grow and retained in Devon. It will cater for new entrants to the park as well as businesses moving from the Science Park Centre (the site’s incubator building) that are not yet big enough for the Grow On Buildings, filling an important gap in the space offer that supports churn and allows varied innovative SME needs to be satisfied, including by freeing up space to maximise the impact of the existing incubator building.

Green credentials include a net zero-carbon, BREEAM-Excellent design as well as a green travel plan exploiting public transport, the cycle network and limited parking. The building has also been designed to take account of COVID-19 implications, including wider corridors and stairways and automatic doors to reduce touch points.


Getting Building Funding: £5m

Completion date: March 2023