The Burrows Centre in Northam

The Burrows Centre in Northam looks over the beautiful sands of Westward Ho!, an environmental information centre at the heart of nature and also the impacts of climate change.  

Getting Building Fund investment of £400,000 will sit alongside £1.2m Coastal Communities Funding from 2019 to lead to the redevelopment of the centre to provide a dynamic, hands-on space for locals and visitors alike, whilst also supporting school groups from near and far whilst creating 7.5 direct jobs.  

The complete internal remodelling of the run-down site will create a totally reconfigured interpretation centre and activity hub for environmentally-focused tourism within The Burrows. This will support the centre to focus both on the biodiversity of the Burrows itself, and delve more effectively into the area’s rich history and explore current issues such as climate change and coastal erosion. This will be supported by an increased programme of study placements on an annual basis.

Alongside the existing building a new café will provide dramatic views across The Burrows and Bideford Bay out to Lundy Island, connecting and orientating visitors to this special environment.

A new role within Torridge will also underpin this work, with a Nature Tourism Officer providing business support to local tourism-related businesses to help them align with the growing nature-tourism sector, aiming to stimulate 77.3 indirect jobs by making the most of this exciting opportunity.  


Getting Building Funding: £0.4m

Completion date: March 2022