Electronics and Photonics Centre

The Electronics and Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC) at White Rock Business Park in Paignton is proposed by Torbay Council and builds on the work of the Torbay Development Agency (TDA) and Torbay Hi Tech Forum.

Torbay aims to be a regional hub for innovation in emerging technologies. EPIC will comprise of a 3,834m2 central building with laboratory, clean rooms, office, and meeting space – providing flexible accommodation for new tech start-ups, spin-out and other early stage and growing companies.

EPIC will:

  • Provide open market access to specialist equipment and machinery to enable the development of new prototypes and technology
  • Accommodate existing and established new tech start-ups/ spin-out companies and inward investors
  • Provide support for the sector
  • Provide equipment for design, prototyping, testing and validation of technology within the sector


The aims of EPIC are:

  • To be a centre of excellence in supporting technological innovation in key enabling and emerging technologies
  • A facility to promote collaboration activity between businesses and research institutions
  • Commercialise R&D in electronics & photonics by bringing it to the marketplace
  • Accelerate innovation in key enabling and emerging technologies
  • Act as an hub for the growth and development of the existing hi-tech cluster
  • Support and encourage new tech start-ups and spin-out companies

The Centre will also provide specialist business support for tenants and other businesses operating in the sector. It will work very closely with the South Devon Hi-Tech and Digital Skills Centre, and complement existing LEP interventions brokering relationships, providing advice, information and guidance and support for growing hi-tech businesses.


The development of EPIC will directly deliver:

  • 3,700sm new floor space
  • 222 new jobs
  • £68.9m GVA pa
  • Support for 70 hi-tech businesses
  • Support 21 collaborations between industry and academia

Growth Deal funding: £3m

Started on site: March 2018

Completion: Summer 2019