Heywood  Road Roundabout is located on the A39 north of Bideford. It is the main access serving Bideford, Westward Ho!, Appledore and Northam. It is also a key junction on the A39/A361 strategic corridor providing links to Barnstaple and the M5.

The junction carries around 2,500 vehicles in the AM peak hour and 3,500 vehicles in the PM peak hour. At peak periods the junction experiences severe congestion, with capacity significantly exceeded on the both Heywood Road arm and the A39 east arm during the PM peak.

In order for the junction to cope with development in Bideford and Northam, including 5943 dwellings and 30ha of employment the roundabout needs improvement to increase capacity. This will be achieved by widening to three lanes on all approaches along with an increase in the width of the circulatory carriageway to two lanes.

Growth Deal funding: £0.07m

Expected Completion: December 2020