Working with our business community – some new tools

As you know the LEP is a public/private partnership and we often tell you about the things that we are doing with our public sector partners – as they lead on the strategic infrastructure projects for us.  However, we may not be as good as we could be about sharing the work that we do with the wider business community.  For example, for over a year now the business community has been providing feedback to our Board about the key issues for our area and this has helped inform our decisions.  And the top business priorities have remained roughly the same for the last year and it’s all about the people – recruiting and keeping the right people and making sure that they have the right skills.

Quarterly Business Bulletin

Each quarter we will now be sharing this information in a new Business Bulletin, which will also include a summary of the main business surveys from across our patch.  The link to the pilot Bulletin is here and many thanks to the wider business community for providing this feedback and for kindly sharing your data and thoughts.

Business Groups and Networks in the HotSW area – a new list

And if you’re looking for a business group or network in the LEP area then we now have a place on our website where you can find this information.  This new database enables you to search for business groups in your area and provides an opportunity for local business networks to reach a wider audience.  It may take a while for the list to grow but we hope that it adds some value to doing business in the heart of the South West area.

You can find the list here