Webinars supporting people who are looking for their next job from Lloyds Bank

“The Lloyds Bank Academy is a free online learning provider designed to provide skills support for everyday life, business and charities. Whether it’s getting to grips with your computer, finding new customers or improve the efficiency of your organisation. Our aim is simple: to provide the confidence and capability needed to thrive online.

We’ve also teamed up with We Are Digital to help people learn how to access essential services on the internet, whilst staying safe at home. We can offer free, one to one training over the phone for anyone who may need it. Click here for more information: https://www.lloydsbank.com/help-guidance/coronavirus.html?WT.ac=common/promotion/r1pr/serv/lnk/s/rl/coronaviru

Taking the Next Step in your career – online on July 13th

Learn how to prepare for the world of work: finding a job, up skilling and your digital footprint

One of the biggest transformations in our working world is being ‘digital first’. When something so radical and disruptive happens in your career it can really knock your confidence, your sense of value and purpose. In this session you, you will learn:

  • The importance mindset plays when looking for your next job
  • How job roles are changing due to a more digital and virtual workspace
  • The importance of having a digital footprint and presenting yourself online
  • The different online approaches to starting a job hunt
  • How to build a CV that reflects your skills and strengths
  • How to research and prepare for an interview process

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Developing the right skills for your future – online on July 20th

Being flexible, adaptable, and aware of in-demand skills is key to meeting the challenges of the fast-changing world of work.  Identify the skills you would like to build on and learn how to prepare for your next role or career move.  In this session, you will learn:

  • How job roles are changing due to the changing economy and digital world
  • Learn new methods and tools to help you identify your skills and improve yourself
  • How to research the skills required for jobs
  • Where to find free training and courses to help you learn new skills

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