Careers Leader Conference – November 2019

The HotSW Careers Hub recently held their second Careers Leader Conference at Petroc in Tiverton.

From talks from training providers and institutions, to the float your boat challenge, and talks from young people about their experiences, the 75 attendees experiences an informative and interactive conference which they can take back to their school and industry.

Who spoke at the conference?

John Walker from Peninsular Training spoke about Careers Development Institute Careers Leader Training.

Sharron Robbie from the Devon and Cornwall Training Providers Network gave a presentation on the Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge (ASK) programme.

Karen Woodward from Engineering UK spoke about careers in Engineering, which nicely complimented  Tomorrow’s Engineers Week.

Gina Geoff from Exeter College spoke about T-levels.

Andrew Webster from Careers and Enterprise Company talks about the Careers Leader role and how they are supporting that.

Tom Taylor – and apprentice at Kier and Emma Sueref a graduate from Galliford Try, spoke about their experiences of their personal routes into recruitment.

The Float your boat challenge

Float your boat, run by the Building Greater Exeter Team, proved to be a great success. The winners managing to stack 94 coins on their boat before it sank! The activity can be taken back to the careers leaders’ schools to show the benefits of team working and project work.