Working Together

The HotSW is a large geographical area, which includes 19 Local Authorities (2 Unitary, 2 County, 13 Districts and 2 National Parks), 9 Colleges and 4 Universities. We are also home to a diverse range of businesses & social enterprises, as well as having a variety of business groups and other important stakeholders / funders. Our stakeholders are important to us and we have a plan for how we can better work together, which includes a number of events and how you can engage with your LEP. Our Business & Stakeholder Engagement Plan is summarised in a table  here.

The focus is on supporting the LEP’s priorities of Creating the Conditions for Growth; Maximising Productivity and Employment Opportunities; & Building on our Distinctiveness. In times when funding is tight, sometimes it’s more effective to achieve the shared goal by working together and differently, rather than through specific funding, and that’s what the LEP aims to do.

The LEP’s Partnerships Manager leads on this work and supports partners to take forward the Strategic Economic Plan and other key programmes.

The Partnerships Manager can also help to connect stakeholders with the most suitable person for their agendas – be they inside the LEP or from another organisation. To help with this, we have developed a Partner Database where you can search for potential partners for bids and projects and also register your details.

The best way to contact the Partnerships Manager is via email at You can also register to receive regular updates from the LEP by signing up for our newsletter  and through other links on this website.

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