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The South West Aerospace cluster has global prominence and is essential to driving up the UK’s industrial productivity and excellence. iAero’s purpose is to collaborate to innovate and retain global competiveness.

iAero is thecollaboration of key stakeholders from the South West region that includes

  • Aerospace industry
  • Local Enterprise Partnerships, local government
  • The West of England Aerospace Forum
  • National catapults via the National Composites Centre
  • Academia including world class Universities
  • Technical skills providers
  • Business support for the SME supply chain

iAero is a cost-effective mechanism for enabling technological innovation, making it faster and better through effective collaboration.

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iAero High Value Design – The Benefits to Industry

  • Reducing the cost of technological advancement.
  • Shared investment with appropriate partners.
  • Access to wider sources of public and private sector funding.
  • Reducing the risk of technology advancement.
  • Collaborative R&D investment and wider problem ownership.
  • Greater responsibility for innovation in the supply chain.
  • Dedicated facilities – undiluted by programme activities and priorities.
  • Increased resource application through an extended network.
  • Increasing access to aerospace technology.
  • Inputs from multiple teams with a common higher- level objective (supply chain, research centres, academia and other sectors of the aerospace industry).
  • Leverage through the catapult centres into other Industry sectors.
  • Cost effective route to sustaining key skills.
  • Clear, segregated focal point for technology development.

iAero – Delivering the Government’s Industrial Strategy through:

  • Global and UK Regional significance and excellence of the SW Aerospace cluster highlighted in the SWW Science and Innovation Audit
  • Sustained & improved competitiveness requires collaboration to advance capability, technology, productivity and skills
  • iAero provides the vehicle to reduce risk, cost and time in delivering on these objectives
  • iAero leverages existing UK strengths and investments regionally and nationally
  • iAero engages multiple teams with a common higher- level objective (OEM’s, Tier 1’s, supply chain, research centres, academia, Catapults, institutes and networks spanning industrial sectors)
  • iAero provides focus for collaborative R&D investment and stimulates innovation in the supply chain
  • iAero provides increased access to aerospace technology
    • Exploiting the scale of the opportunity, locally, nationally and globally
    • Making best use of our existing assets and funding streams to support the sector and demonstrating how our strengths cohere with the rest of the UK
    • Ensuring that our approach fits with the aims of the Industrial Strategy, delivering against the Strategy objectives for the benefit of UK Plc

iAero made a response to the Government’s Green Paper on Industrial Strategy, click on the link to access.
For more details about iAero activity contact our sector coordinator Corinne Matthews Tel 07825154735

Heart of the south west LEP - iAero