Nuclear SW – delivering £50 Billion of nuclear opportunities to the South West business community and workforce over the next decade.

HotSW LEP is working hard to ensure that the catalyst of the first new nuclear build project in the UK for a generation at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, provides a lasting sustainable economic legacy for the HotSW area and beyond.

The current construction at Hinkley is estimated to cost £18billion, with a significant proportion of that investment potentially being spent within the UK and the South West. The LEP is not funding any of this cost, and the area is set to benefit from the employment, skills and supply chain opportunities that Europe’s largest project will bring.

A partnership of Industry, academia, skills, business support and public sector stakeholders has been established under the banner: Nuclear South West to secure the benefits of this investment to the local business & resident community, as well as maximising the benefits from the wider sector in terms of nuclear defence, civil and health. This is in addition to  other proposed new nuclear builds and the development of reactor technologies within the South West.

Nuclear South West is capitalising on the South West’s unparalleled strength and potential in the global nuclear industry; and generating transformational economic benefits to the UK and regional business community. The facts and figures are:

  • There will be at least £50billion worth of contracts available to south west companies across 15 projects over the next 20 years in new build, decommissioning and defence.
  • There are over 180 nuclear companies and organisations in the area, with over 8,000 highly skilled workers;
  • 70% of the UK’s low carbon electricity comes from nuclear power stations; and two new ones are being built at Hinkley Point – creating 25,000 new jobs and £100m to the local economy;
  • A further SW new nuclear build is planned for at Oldbury in South Gloucestershire.
  • Former SW nuclear power stations are being de-commissioned with parts of their estates used for the creation of new skills development and business  / technology parks (Berkeley in Gloucester and Winfrith in Dorset)
  • There’s a £1.8bn nuclear defence programme at Devonport in Plymouth; and 44 colleges and training providers are working with Hinkley Point Training Agency.
  • The LEP has recently collaborated with the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership to fund a three year Hinkley Supply Chain Support Service.

We already have an impressive suite of assets to support this ambition which includes the following activity specifically supported by investments secured by the HOTSW LEP:

Additionally there are other key initiatives across the wider SW, which add value to and compliment the wider offer, which include:

The partnership includes HotSW LEP, West of England LEP, Dorset LEP and Gloucester First LEP.

Nuclear SW is charged to develop a programme of activity to ensure that business and the workforce have the capability and skills that are required at the right time.

Across the South West economic landscape we recognise the significance of the nuclear sector and its supply chain. We are committed to working collaboratively across the South West to ensure we maximise the benefit to UK plc from predicted growth in the nuclear sector. We have shared ideas, concepts, and proposals that support individual plans developed in our strategic economic plans and to ensuring that they are delivered collaboratively across the region.

We see significant benefit and potential for our part of the world to be at the very forefront of developments in this important global sector.

The evidence for this was highlighted in a report we commissioned last year, the link to which is below. This was also reinforced by the conclusions of the South West and Wales Science and Innovation Audit that highlighted our world class nuclear industrial expertise.

Nuclear SW will market these activities coherently and shape an environment that will encourage greater inward investment from key companies; develop a supply chain and making sure that the innovation, research and development needs can be delivered locally; as well as ensuring that there is skilled workforce.

Recent progress includes

  • An agreed strategy for development of the cluster signed off by the three LEP’s, paving the way for significant investment opportunities.
  • The appointment of Matt Burley, Director with PwC as Chair of Nuclear South West.
  • A large presence at the World Nuclear Event in Paris, where contacts were made with over 70 overseas businesses looking to collaborate with SW based SME’s
  • A high profile parliamentary event held to raise the profile of the South West as a centre of excellence for the nuclear sector
  • Collaborations formed with overseas Nuclear Clusters
  • Heart of the South West LEP collaborating with West of England to invest in an HPC Supply Chain support service.
  • Heart of the South West LEP investing in the Hinkley Point Training Agency, a ground breaking and innovative approach to delivering the skills requirement to ensure that local people gain jobs on the project.
  • Three LEP collaboration together with a number of Local Authorities to ensure that inward investment opportunities are maximised.
  • Attended the 2016 and 2017 Department for International Trade Civil Nuclear Showcase.
  • All SW LEP’s  Higher Education Institutions becoming partners in the delivery of a SW Nuclear Hub, led by the University of Bristol.
  • Held the first NSW Conference in September 2016, with the 2017 event scheduled for 22 September
  • Submitted the Nuclear SW response to the Government’s Creating a modern industrial strategy green paper.

We will post regular updates here –also visit for news of upcoming events, and for more detail about specific projects.

Last year the Nuclear South West partnership held an event at Westminster – Nuclear South West – Powering the UK’s Nuclear Future – to showcase the strength in this sector Read about the event here and see the video which gives a snapshot of Nuclear South West.

The LEP’s New Nuclear Coordinator is Corinne Matthews, and she can be contacted by phone or email – 07825 154 735


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