Strategies and priorities

Our Strategic Economic Plan (SEP), which was submitted to Government in March 2014, sets out how we propose to create economic growth in the Heart of the South West and our vision for achieving jobs, growth and prosperity.

It brings together all our area’s resources, from both the public and private sector, to form one, overarching plan for the development of our local economy. Specifically, it outlines our priorities for investment – for instance, in infrastructure and workplace skills – and how we will maximise prosperity over the medium to long term.

The SEP outlines how we will:

  • Transform our economic growth rate from below the national average to above
  • Improve our infrastructure to make our transport system faster and more resilient
  • Increase the availability of superfast broadband and 4G mobile networks across the area
  • Double the number of new jobs and increase our rate of house building by 50%
  • Increase average wages in our area to match UK average wages.

Our priorities for growth

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The diagram below summarises how we will measure our success in achieving our aims.

Table showing our priorities for growth

The SEP breaks down our priorities against our key aims and delivery areas. 
To bring our plan to fruition, we are developing a number of programmes and sources of funding that will help us achieve our ambitions for increased growth and prosperity.

The SEP has been developed in collaboration and consultation with partners from business, education, the public sector and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors. It forms the basis for our approach to investment and funding opportunities until 2020 and will be reviewed every three years.