Rural Issues Special Interest Group

The Rural Issues Group is made up of representatives from organisations from the rural areas covered by the HotSW LEP. The role of the LEP’s Rural Issues Special Interest Group is to provide advice and comment to the LEP board on issues that affect social enterprises, it is not part of the LEP’s formal governence structure.

The role of the Group is to:

  1. Act as a web of connection across the HOTSW rural area, represent the interests of sectors and stimulate debate and discussion around rural needs in order to advise the LEP Board
  2. To help generate projects and activities that will support the rural economy and meet the needs of the area, whilst meeting the aims and objectives of the LEP EUSIF and SEP, for example, the strategic focus on Ecosystem Services and sustainable flood protection
  3. Oversee the roll out of CAP reform for the HOTSW area, and the implications of the change in emphasis towards land and environmental stewardship for the rural economy
  4. To ensure that the LEP takes appropriate measures to develop rural skills and innovation, especially working with key providers such as the local universities, colleges and agricultural colleges, and local employers across the HOTSW area.
  5. Provide a focus for engagement with the LEADER groups across the HOTSW area, to ensure that work to develop the rural economy and meet key challenges is truly joined up.
  6. Facilitate opportunities for key organisations from the public and private sector to come together to discuss rural challenges and to explore the provision of funding to meet identified needs.
  7. To be consulted with on policy-making which will impact the rural economy, by the LEP and other bodies as appropriate.


More information

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