LTB Key Documents

This page contains some of the key documents associated with the Local Transport Board.  More documents will be added as work progresses.


Please take a look at the business case page for further details.

Background documents

  • Development of the Initial Programme (pdf). – this document gives background information on the way the programme has been developed, and the way funding will be secured for the schemes in the programme.
  • Assurance framework – As a condition of the devolved major scheme funding the Department for Transport (DfT) requires Local Transport Boards to have an approved assurance framework that sets out how the process will be managed and governed. It includes the detailed criteria used to select schemes for the programme. The version available to view [download here] had Parts 1 and 2 approved by the DfT in July 2013. Part 3 is subject to some minor changes following further discussions with the DfT and a decision on the governance arrangements linked to the new Single Local Growth Fund.  Any further revised versions will be uploaded to this website when available.
  • Leaflet – this leaflet was produced in June 2013, detailing the work behind the LTB and the schemes.

Details of submitted schemes:

Devon County Council

Devon County Council and Torbay Council

Plymouth City Council

Somerset County Council

Torbay Council