The LEP is led by a Board of directors and supported by a range of sub-groups – these were formed to drive the delivery of the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP).

Heart of SW LEP Organisational Chart

LEP BoardStrategic Investment PanelLocal Transport BoardPlace Leadership BoardBusiness Leadership Group

Partnership support

Various support activities undertaken by our partners as a contribution to LEP activity (eg HE support on innovation or local authorities support on economic intelligence/analysis)

Ambition and success

The priorities for growth are set out under three Leadership themes: Place, People and Business; these groups are made up of partners from across the sectors and are business chaired and led. The success of the SEP is going to be measured under three phases that are dependent on securing funding and partners support at each phase of delivery.

The LEP is committed to transparency, and adheres to an Assurance Framework as set by Government.

See our  Policies  page for details on how we demonstrate our accountability in line with the high standards required of a not-for-profit organisation managing public funds.