HotSW LEP aims to offer transparency and accountability showing the full extent any gift or hospitality received in the course of their duties. It is essential that the HotSW can demonstrate the highest standards of probity in general and specifically in relation to its dealings with third parties. These relationships are a source of considerable interest and are subject to close scrutiny and also through more ad hoc channels such as Freedom of Information requests.

It is essential that the public can be confident that decisions of whatever nature are made for good and proper reasons and are not influenced inappropriately by the interests of individual employees, their relatives or friends.

If it is likely that a typical member of the public would think that a specific gift or incidence of hospitality is inappropriate, then it probably is and should therefore be declined. It is always better to be cautious and decline any offer of payment, a gift or hospitality.

The overriding principle is that employees/members should not compromise their position by accepting gifts or hospitality and allowing themselves to reach the position where they might be, or might be thought by others to have been, influenced in making an important decision as a consequence. Therefore employees are required to ensure that all offers of gifts or hospitality are registered within 28 working days of the being made, whether or not the offer has been accepted.

Further information can be found with the LEP’s Gifts and Hospitality Policy.


NameCompanyDate of RegistrationDetails of Gift and/or HospitalityWho provided/offeredEstimated valueDate received/declinedWhy was it accepted/rejected
David RalphHotSW LEP10.09.2018Guest at Bath v Gloucester Rugby matchBristol Airport£80.00UnknownAccepted
David BirdSantander Business27.09.2018Exeter Chamber Annual DinnerDr Sally Basker, CEO of Exeter Science Park£75.00UnknownThe reason for accepting was it is a premier business event with excellent networking opportunities both on the table of 10 and in the room where I expect there will be c.500 business people from the Exeter business community. Exeter Science Park are also a potential customer for Santander Corporate and Commercial banking.
David RalphHotSW LEP10.10.2018Guest of the Leaders Club Inaugural Dinner, 11th October at Deer Park Country HotelThe Leaders Club£85.00UnknownAccepted