Huntworth Roundabout Bridgwater

Huntworth Roundabout is a key junction in Bridgwater’s highway network and experiences significant peak-time congestion and queuing, impacting on access to nearby employment and residential areas and causing blocking back towards the M5 Junction 24 roundabout. At present this delay is due, in part, to the interaction with slow traffic on the A38 Taunton Road; however anticipated changes to the road network (including the construction of the Colley Lane Southern Access Road) are expected to relieve this congestion, and the significant levels of future development around the roundabout are instead modelled to cause a significant bottleneck in the future.

The junction is a key connection from Bridgwater to the Strategic Highway Network (the M5). It also forms part of the high-frequency bus route connecting Taunton and Bridgwater. Sedgemoor District

Council’s (SDC) Core Strategy anticipates that the South Bridgwater area will accommodate a further 17 hectares (ha) of employment land at Bridgwater Gateway, including Somerset County Council’s

(SCC) proposed innovation centre. This site as a whole is anticipated to generate 2,555 jobs. In addition to this the remaining 336 dwellings in the South Bridgwater Urban Extension and a potential

location for a park and ride for Hinkley Point C nuclear power station are close to the junction.


Development delivered/unlocked by scheme: 973 dwellings 1,700 jobs
Development that scheme would contribute to delivering: 4,418 dwellings 5,515 jobs 16,000sqm retail space.

Started on site: September 2015

Completion: March 2017

Funding: £1.91m

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