Edginswell Station, Torquay

Edginswell is a growth area on the outskirts of Torbay. In order to provide sustainable growth that is attractive to both residents and businesses, the transport network needs upgrading across all modes of transport to provide fast and reliable connections to a wide range of destinations. Edginswell already has a car parking capacity problem as a result of existing development. Both Torbay Hospital and Edginswell Business Park have a lack of spaces available for the current level of demand for both staff and visitors. Although the nearby Willows retail area has substantial free parking for shoppers, the attractiveness of the retail offer and free parking results in demand being exceeded at certain busy periods, especially in the run up to Christmas. By providing a railway station within easy walking distance to all three sites, this will attract commuters and visitors away from using their private vehicle when travelling to these locations, reducing the demand for car parking on these sites and neighbouring residential areas

Awaiting Funding Agreement