Derriford Hospital Interchange

The Derriford Hospital Interchange (DHI) scheme is part of the ‘Derriford jigsaw’, a package of strategically important infrastructure essential to support and enable the substantial increase of 9,000 jobs and the delivery of 2,950 new homes planned for the north of Plymouth in the next 15 years.

The Derriford Hospital Interchange scheme will introduce a two-way bus link through Derriford Hospital. The four existing bus stops will be replaced with seven new bus stops, each with shelters and real time passenger information. Taxis and passenger drop-off will be segregated from the bus interchange and the pedestrian environment will be improved through the widening of footways and improvements to crossing facilities.

The project will provide infrastructure to enable:-

  • Two-way operation for buses, with additional bus stops and enhanced waiting facilities
  • Reduced congestion outside the hospital entrance
  • Upgraded pedestrian facilities


The project outputs are to support delivery of 360 jobs, 120 houses and 5,680 sq m commercial floorspace by 2021.

Growth Deal 1 Funding: £1.4m

Total Funding: £2.25m

Started on site: February 2016
Completion: June 2017