A38 Deep Lane junction, Sherford

Deep Lane Junction is located on the A38 trunk road (also known as the “Devon Expressway”) a few miles east of Plymouth. The junction links the A38 to Chaddlewood, Plympton and the Langage employment site to the north via Sandy Road and will serve the proposed new community Sherford to the south via Deep Lane. The existing junction is a four-arm grade separated half cloverleaf junction with the A38 Parkway the primary route. A single over bridge links Sandy Road to the north and Deep Lane to the south. On and off slips are provided from the A38 in both directions with two hook arrangements and at grade junctions back onto Sandy Road and Deep Lane.

The area to the east of Plymouth is planned to experience significant growth as a result of strategic developments. The new community at Sherford to the south-west of the Deep Lane Junction will provide 5,500 new homes and 83,000 square metres of employment space in the form of a sustainable mixed use settlement. The primary access to the community will be via the Deep Lane junction from the north. Additionally Langage employment site is identified as strategic employment site which is anticipated to create more jobs for the area. A Park and Ride taking trips to Plymouth, south of Deep Lane Junction, will also be provided as part of the Sherford development proposal.

The scheme will help to unlock the planning permission for Sherford, which halts housing development beyond 1300 homes unless this Phase 1 improvement, and improvements to the Deep Lane South junction (to the southern side of the A38) are implemented.

The improvements include the following:

  • The existing Ridgeway roundabout of the eastbound off-slip/on-slip will be upgraded to a signalised junction, with a dedicated left running lane from Ridgeway towards Sandy Road.
  • The existing carriageway will be widened to provide increased storage capacity on the approach to the Ridgeway roundabout and Deep Lane North,
  • Existing signalised junction at Deep Lane North to be increased in size, to provide increased storage and capacity
  • Traffic signals will be optimised to manage traffic flows better

The objectives of the scheme are to:

  1. Support growth by facilitating the delivery of housing beyond 1300 homes at Sherford.
  2. Improve the efficiency of the junction to manage anticipated growth
  3. Improve journey times through the junction.


The scheme will support the delivery of 220 jobs and 700 houses by 2021

Started on site: March 2016
Practical Completion March 2019

Growth Deal Funding £2.0m