A379 Newcourt junction, Exeter

The left-in, left-out junction on the A379 at Sandy Park is currently used to access the land to the east of the railway, including Exeter Chiefs rugby stadium and David Lloyd Leisure Centre. This arrangement was intended as an interim solution, which would require upgrading with more development in the local area. The addition of 450 dwellings and 8.3 hectares of employment land on this area will put greater pressure on this junction and an upgrade is required to provide full turning movements.

Maintaining the left-in, left-out arrangement would be problematic for vehicles wishing to access the motorway from the development area, as no right turn is currently provided.

At present, the majority of the traffic exiting the site with a destination of the M5 uses the slip road west of the rugby junction to loop via Russell Way and rejoin the A379 eastbound carriageway. This loop will be closed in the near future, which therefore will prevent easy access to J30 of the M5 from the Sandy Park site. Traffic approaching Sandy Park from the city on the A379 currently has to loop around J30 and rejoin the westbound carriageway.

The increased number of people making this movement because of housing and employment development will have a detrimental impact on J30 during the peak hours, when it is already close to capacity.

The proposed improvement resolves these problems by converting the left-in, left-out junction into a full movement, signalised junction.

Scheme objectives The objectives of the scheme are to:

  1. Improve access to Sandy Park area to unlock the proposed development.
  2. Have a minimal impact on the operation of J30 of the M5.
  3. Minimise impact on Old Rydon Lane and limit U-turning traffic on A379 as a result of the proposed development


270 house completions and 325 jobs by 2021.

Growth Deal 1 Funding: £1m

Started on site: February 2016
Practical Completion: March 2018

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Latest News

Photo from the turf cutting ceremony

A turf cutting ceremony has been held to mark the start of improvements to the A379 Sandy Park Junction in Exeter.

Earthworks are underway on the £2.5 million upgrade to create a signalised junction which will allow all traffic movements, and improve access to planned employment and housing development in the Newcourt area of the city. Access to facilities at Sandy Park is being maintained. The scheme is being funded by Growth Deal 1, Exeter City Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy, and Devon County Council.